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Auto maintenance Who should I choose?

4S shop, auto service chain, the coexistence of the traditional roadside shops, have their own strength and the short,  Auto maintenance Who should I choose?

Consumption patterns are changing quietly

As the saying goes “one-third of repair, seven dependents,” the conservation of conventional motor vehicles can be seen for the car can have a healthy body is essential to gradually mature the owner of the car to their own care is becoming more and more rational . Have a driving experience over the past 20 years Mr. Zhang told reporters that the century 90s when the bus opened, basic vehicle maintenance in the traditional completion of the roadside shops, then no one to tell you what the maintenance time, and completely by virtue of their cars to explore and experience; in 2003 to buy their own private cars, the one-stop shop 4S standards of after-sales service will not only improve security, more nanny-style reminder service, when the maintenance, and the maintenance of the items, there are professional services; and began last year, a friend introduced to allow Mr. Zhang to experience rapid chain of automobile repair services fast fun Paul.  Mr Cheung said: “like my car has been passed through the warranty period , in the yellow hat, turtle Dr. automotive services, such as the driving force for the maintenance of very large chain, where routine maintenance than ordinary cost 4S shops are much cheaper, than the road products repair shop while reassuring, waiting is also a good environment, the most critical is greatly shortened the waiting time. ”

Maintenance of products is the key

Although from the time, the price of automotive service chain model to occupy a certain advantage, but the car is, after all, the bulk of consumer goods, and its parts also have specific characteristics of consumables, as a variety of automotive-oriented brand, car service, automotive service chain and how to solve this problem?

Driving force (China) Automobile chain services manager, told reporters in the Soviet Union, the driving force behind the use of all the various models of the original brand name accessories, such as routine maintenance of oil, air filter, brake oil, gearbox oil is from the unified brand automakers order, that is, the driving force in the automotive maintenance and replacement of 4S shops are the same products.  But the difference is that the current chain of auto body parts service price relative economic, and basic working hours are free of charge, so compared to the price of maintenance here 4S shop charges only 60% ~ 70%.

 And the driving force behind different, Zhengzhou Anji chose yellow hat is well-known brand of automobile supplies. Future generations of their manager Lee told reporters, yellow hat is derived from the Japanese automotive service chain organizations, products used in automobiles for Shell, Mobil, Castrol and other international brands, from the quality of products is completely reliable in terms of and owners in accordance with the different seasons and geographical selection. As for the routine maintenance of motor vehicles in the wearing parts, the yellow hat’s products are specific to different model specifications for the use of accessories, parts can be perfectly matched with the models.  But Lee said future generations, conventional maintenance and general automotive repair services can choose a chain model, in terms of price or time that the owner can reduce the burden, but the depth of the proposed maintenance of the vehicle owner or the choice of car 4S shop.

4S shop quickly to seize the market

 The reason why the rise of car when 4S shop soon in the traditional roadside shops to seize market share because of their professional after-sales service quality waiting environment is also an important factor in winning.  Colleges and universities in the work of a Miss Liu said: “Now people buy a car needs to enhance the quality of life, quality waiting environment is also part of life. Every time after a repair shop from the street and sees the ground, there is room to operate thick layer of oil, but also rarely have a dedicated waiting area. 4S car shops and auto service chain as a result of large-scale, so the aspect of human nature are in place have done, such as the waiting area is equipped with audio-visual system, Internet area such as entertainment, this is generally the owner of one of the reasons to choose. “

Sun Glasses for Shopping Column

 I’m sure you didn’t throw your sunglasses out the car window in a fit of frustration the last time the radio weatherman forecast another week-long stretch of rain. But just in case you did, here are more! Men’s and women’s, thick frames and frameless, bright blue to classic brown. You can’t go wrong. Just keep your car windows rolled up.

How To Remove The Rear View Mirror

Rearview MirrorQuestion: how to remove and replace the interior rear view mirror im getting an eyebrow done on my windshield , but the place thats doing it does not want to remove the mirror,  because they dont know what kind of electronics are involved with it and dont want to cause any damage any help would be great.  thanks.

Answer1:Removes like a normal mirror..
you can’t remove the rain sensor, if you do it won’t work anymore, but the mirror is no big deal..
unplug the connectors and there is a t-15 or t-20 torx screw that holds it to the glass mount..

Answer2:From the Service Manual it looks like the sensor can be removed, but there is a mounting bracket that is bonded to the windshield. The mounting bracket is not meant to be removed.

Answer3: Removing the bracket and resinstalling it will have ill-effects on the rain sensor. as I understand it, it will not work correctly or at all because there is a specific angle and “trim” that has to be met for the sensor to “see” the rain..
my tint shop just cut around the rain sensor and they did a very good job at it, it looks like part of the tint strip..
same way they cut around the third brake light in the rear window.

Starter Motor Point of View

Question: I own a 2000 Infiniti I30 with 190,000 miles, which I purchased new. For the last six months when I turn the key to start the starter does not turn the engine over. The dash lights do come on. I have to turn the key off and on to get the engine to start. What are your thoughts?

Answer: The most common fault with your description is a faulty starter motor. Before the starter is replaced, a voltage test must be done starting at the battery, then down to the starter motor under the no start load condition.

Rearview Mirror is Important

The Girl in My Rear View Mirror

This week I heard an accident that, by some miracle, never actually happened. A quick look in my rear view mirror revealed that a teenager on a bicycle had nearly been hit while riding across Cascades Parkway near the Stone Club House pool. What I had heard was the friction of tires on the road as a car slammed on its brakes—thank goodness for ABS! What I saw was a rider down but not out, so I pulled over and called 911; people had started to gather immediately. When I returned from doing my errands the police were on the scene, and the teenager was up and moving around on what had become the luckiest day of her life (if she is a “glass-half-full” kind of person).

Many of the pools in our area are located on major thoroughfares with speed limits as high as 45 miles per hour. Kids travel to and from their pools on bike and on foot all day long, and it is wonderful that they have this kind of independence. These modern day trips to the local swimming hole are the stuff from which memories are made. Unfortunately, many of these kids have little knowledge of the rules of the road, although they mingle with traffic on a daily basis. Furthermore, their brains are not wired to expect the unexpected—a trait we probably gain, from some degree, from the activity of driving.

What can we do to make the roads safer for our not-so-street-savvy kids? Loudoun County could help by posting warning signs near pools—I would venture to guess that pool season is at least as dangerous as school season for the pedestrian. Drivers could help by staying alert and obeying the speed limit. Parents could help by setting a good example when out with their children and explaining traffic laws when kids are old enough to be out alone. Walkers and riders could help by using the paths that run throughout our communities and the tunnels under our major roadways whenever possible. And always use caution when crossing! Not everyone will be as lucky as the girl in my rear view mirror.

Simple But Useful Flywheel









In a car’s clutch, a flywheel connects to the engine, and a clutch plate connects to the transmission.A flywheel is, quite simply, any rotating disk installed to collect and supply energy to a given system by storing this energy in the form of rotational Kinetic Energy. The flywheel has been used since ancient times, the most common traditional example being the potter’s wheel. In the Industrial Revolution, James Watt contributed to the development of the flywheel in the steam engine, and his contemporary James Pickard used a flywheel combined with a crank to transform reciprocating into rotary motion. 
       In application of flywheels in vehicles, the phenomenon of precession has to be considered. A rotating flywheel responds to any momentum that tends to change the direction of its axis of rotation by a resulting precession rotation. A vehicle with a vertical-axis flywheel would experience a lateral momentum when passing the top of a hill or the bottom of a valley (roll momentum in response to a pitch change). Two counter-rotating flywheels may be needed to eliminate this effect.
       Sounds pretty simple, doesn’t it? Well, to be quite honest, a flywheel system can be very simple. The perfect example of this is the old Smash-Up Derby Cars that were popular in the late 70’s and early 80’s as a child’s toy. These cars would race towards one another at great speeds and, when they hit, pieces would fly off. Collect the pieces and reattach them and you were ready for another run. But, what made them move. No, you didn’t have to push them. They ran on a simple flywheel design.
       Located in the center of the car was a single wheel what was free to rotate with the axle perpendicular to the direction the car was facing. Give it a push, and it would roll. But, to get the best results, you placed a specially designed cord in a hole and pulled it out quickly. This cord was attached to a gear on the side of the flywheel. When the cord was pulled, the gear was rotated and the flywheel powered up. With this flywheel spinning, we have a simple flywheel engine, the only means of locomotion for the vehicle.
       Flywheels are small motors that rotate with the help of magnets. A flywheel holder keeps the flywheel, rotor or sprocket still while you remove or tighten the nut holding each in place. It often looks like a bar with clamps at either end. Flywheel holders are useful when working on lawnmowers, scooters, motorcycles or anything else with a small engine.
Check before you buy. Know the make and model of your machine. Knowing these details will help you determine what size and style of flywheel holder you need. The holders come in different sizes, so be sure you know the size of your small motor flywheel before you purchase.
Determine which edge of your flywheel holder best fits your flywheel and always be sure to use that edge.
Use a block of wood for flywheels that are larger than 6 3/8″ in diameter. It’s difficult to find a flywheel holder that adjusts to any size larger than that.
Keep the flywheel steady with the holder as you turn the nut with a socket wrench. Remember as you turn, you may feel resistance. This is caused by the flywheel’s magnetic pull.
Remember that left-handed nuts must be loosened in the opposite direction of standard nuts. When the nut is loosened, remove the flywheel holder.
Return the flywheel and reposition the holder to keep the flywheel stable while you replace the nut after you’ve made your repairs.

Wheel Hub – What is the Hub of an Inline Skate Wheel?

The wheel hub is the entire nylon or aluminum core that may include spokes at the center of most inline or roller skate wheels. The hub serves as a housing for the wheel’s bearings and spacers and is the central support around which the entire wheel revolves on the axle. There are many kinds of wheels, and the stability and support of the hub or core is critically important to the performance of any of type of wheel that has one.

  • Open hub with the spokes showing
  • Closed hub with the spokes covered
  • No hub or core, usually very small wheels used for aggressive anti-rocker purposes with no need for spokes

Usually, inline skates come with wheel hubs designed to fit a standard 608 sized bearing. But, now some speed and fitness skates use 688 sized micro bearings. Bearing sizes can be switched on an inline skate, if the wheel hub matches the bearing size.

Wheel Bearing

Automotive Wheel Bearing













Definition: Inside the wheel hubs are either roller or ball bearings that carry the vehicle’s weight. On RWD vehicles with solid axles, the rear wheel bearings are mounted on the axles. The front wheel bearings on older rear-wheel drive cars and trucks usually require “repacking” (regreasing) every two years or 24,000 miles. The wheel bearings on most newer vehicles are sealed and do not require any maintenance. A bad wheel bearing will typically make grinding, whining or squealing noises, and you can often feel the looseness or roughness if you raise the suspension and rotate the wheel by hand. Worn wheel bearings should be replaced, because failure may cause the wheel to come off the vehicle.

The French auto parts industry 09 years or loses 20,000 to 30,000 posts

On July 8, Some enterprise announce to reduce staff the plan total in France to surpass thousand people.
But teh expert estimated from now the auto parts industry will be sadder than the automotive.

  Because the financial crisis has had the huge impact on the automobile manufacture, matched the profession located at its upstream’s steam also to come under the serious influence. Only on 8th one day had 3 auto parts enterprise to announce the reducing staff plan, domestic will have over a thousand operating posts in France.The insurer Euler Hermes estimates that more than 400 suppliers could go out of business. At Renault, the production is running at 50% of capacity. Hermes recommends more presence in emerging markets and new alliances to cut costs, nothing of which is about to happen.

  The French car industry is going down with 20,000-30,000 job losses expected this year, more than 10% of the workforce in the car industry. The analyst pointed out that the auto parts company scale to be small, the turnover of capital is more difficult, the automobile manufacturer compression produces, reduce the stock to make the partial which has too many problems to tackle in the fund to match the enterprise to face “runs out of rice and firewood; Danger.

  The auto parts industry difficult position France to be in sole possession of by no means that the entire European area’s car will match industry the short-term outlook to be very gloomy. World famous enterprise Alix Paerna company pointed out at the beginning of July, if the global economic presents the big decline, the European area will possibly have near half steam to match the enterprise to lose reimburses ability, in several years the European car will match the profession to have the large-scale conformity next.

Chinese Auto Sales Accelerated in June

BEIJING — Chinese auto sales rose in June at their fastest monthly rate this year, keeping the country on track to overtake the U.S. as the world’s biggest auto market this year.

Sales last month jumped 36.5% from a year earlier to 1.14 million vehicles, the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers said Thursday. Sales of passenger vehicles rose 48.4% to a record 872,900 vehicles.

China is likely to sell more than 11 million autos this year, the association said. That would represent a 17.3% increase from the 9.38 million vehicles sold last year and exceed the association’s earlier prediction of 10.2 million vehicles.

U.S. car and light-truck sales fell 28% last month to 860,000 vehicles, according to market-research firm Autodata Corp. That put annualized U.S. sales at 9.69 million vehicles, continuing a trend from early this year in which Chinese sales have outpaced those in the U.S.

Car sales in China have benefited from favorable tax policies on small cars and subsidies for purchases in rural areas.

General Motors Corp.’s Chinese sales rose 38% in the first half to 814,442 vehicles, a record for the company. Sales have been especially strong at GM’s SAIC-GM-Wuling Automobile Co. joint venture, which makes small commercial vehicles eligible for tax relief.

But sales of large cars and luxury vehicles have also grown amid improvements in China’s economy. Sales of BMW AG’s namesake brand rose 46% last month to 8,033 vehicles. Audi AG’s sales in China and Hong Kong rose 28% to 13,265 vehicles.