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How long for a new gas filter?

How long  to change a fuel filter??  Some people say that 1  to 2 thousand kilometers,  Some people say 7  to 8 thousand kilometers, in the end how the story??  Replacement, on what basis??  And now the injection system is pressurized by the electric petrol pump, petrol had once sent to the injector in the exhaust filter (positive pressure of about 2.5 ~ 3kg/cm2), so when the filter is also blocked by the high pressure gasoline in the past, it can use a relatively long life span, generally about 6 to 8 thousand kilometers. However a great premise is to use the original filter, community foreign brands are sometimes poor quality will affect the filtration effect, or even no effect, can not but be careful!  In fact, those are original data, is to ensure that absolutely no problem within a few miles, in fact, more than most can use for some time.  Of course it is good for breakfast, late-for-nor Chaitai Duo.

Selecting a Shipper for Your ATV

ATVSelecting a Shipper for Your ATV

Whether you bought a new ATV online for a loved one, are taking the family hunting in Wyoming, camping in Alaska or exploring in the Appalachians, there are plenty of reasons why you may be faced with shipping an ATV this holiday season. Whatever reason you may have for contracting the services of a shipping company, the last thing that you want is for your ATV to be lost, damaged or stolen while in route, so it is important that you take certain precautions when making your selection. By confirming that the company is licensed, insured and has a history of good service you can minimize any risks that arise when shipping an all terrain vehicle.

As you are making a decision on which carrier to hire, the first thing to check is the company’s licensing and insurance. In order for a shipping company to legally transport ATV’s they have to be licensed with the Department of Transportation to do so. You can look up their DOT number at which will tell you what you need to know. While on the site you can also confirm that the company is insured. Most ATV shipping companies carry a minimum amount of insurance in case an accident does occur, and they will be able to present you with a certificate that proves this upon request. Using the information on the certificate you will be able to verify their coverage on the website or contact their insurance provider.

Once you have established that a prospective company is both legally authorized and sufficiently insured to transport your ATV you should inquire about customer references. These will provide further proof of a carrier’s competence and reliability though actual past experiences. Many companies post several references on their website, but if not they will be able to produce some for you. More information on a company’s history can also be accessed through the Better Business Bureau.

2009 Polaris Outlaw 450 MXRIf everything has checked out so far you may want to ask whether the company allows you to track the shipment while it is in tow. This is an increasingly popular option that provides you with the added peace of mind of being able to verify that your shipment is on track each step of the way. Some companies offer this online and others on the phone, but either way it is something you should consider before signing on with a carrier.

You now have a good foundation of knowledge to help you choose a safe and reliable carrier to handle your all terrain vehicle shipment. However, it is always advisable to use your intuition in this process. If a particular company meets each criterion but rubs you the wrong way, you may want to look elsewhere for service. There are enough service providers out there that you should never feel pressured to go against your better judgment.

Why do some Auto Repair shop prices so low?

Consumption reminder
Toyota, along with fake spare parts of events may make you understand

In the alleged sale of counterfeit auto parts warehouse, filled with “TOYOTA” Toyota auto parts, including headlights, small lights, bumper, air filter, fuel filter, oil filter, the net, decorative articles , car and other types of standard auto parts, vehicles involved, including Crown, Camry, Vios, Camry, Lexus, etc. Almost all of the Toyota models. In fact, the real Toyota products will be indicated on the product brand, while the warehouses of many of the products are no such identity, just posted a homemade label.

This scene took place in September 18, Hangzhou Jianggan Branch Trade and Industry after receiving the informer leads the city in Zhejiang Province for allegedly selling all kinds of counterfeit auto parts “TOYOTA” Toyota auto parts warehouse has a number of shop owners and their spot checks The inspection found that a total of nine businesses suspected of selling fake products, the size of counterfeit auto parts Warehouse 13, a total of more than 6,000 pieces of assorted counterfeit Toyota parts, worth several hundred thousand dollars.

According to Toyota Motor Corporation commissioned a professional survey company revealed that they thoroughly investigated by more than 20 merchants locked. The staff of the surveyed companies to understand the master these counterfeit auto parts warehouse hiding place so much is really fresh. “First of all to be disguised as consumers, but keeps her mouth from the delivery staff sets out the approximate location, if necessary, to stay at a selected track.” From the company’s staff analysis, the reason why the warehouse set up business selling fake products In three or four hundred meters away from the market place, on the one hand easy to pick up sales, on the other hand you can maximize the business to avoid market regulation and inspection, in order to circumvent the risk of selling counterfeit products.

“Now, law enforcement agencies around anti-counterfeiting efforts in large, frequently on the large number of suspected of producing and selling fake goods factories, dens, warehouses and sales stalls to investigate, but failed to fundamentally put an end to fake steam on the market with products. “According to industry sources, counterfeit auto parts profits are high, it is this high profit-driven businesses are willing to risk being investigated and dealt with the risk of selling fake products. The most common filters, for example, counterfeit products, manufacturing costs, but more than ten yuan, 20 a few dollars, but in the end retail market, the price turned on for at least a few times, it is this driven by high profits, making manufactured, sold, selling fake products act despite repeated prohibitions, and formed a complete industrial chain, a large number of manufacturing and selling fake people and enterprises to participate in them make huge profits.

The business sector survey found that suspected counterfeit auto parts to the repair shop or the general flow of a number of repair shops, in this particular to remind consumers to repair the vehicle, we can not blindly pursue cheap, but pay attention to checking the quality of spare parts and provenance.

Autosport International Aftermarket Show

Autosport International Aftermarket Show[ 2010-1-14~ 2010-1-17 ]


Place: NEC, Birmingham NEC House, Bickenhill Lane Birmingham

Organizer:Haymarket Exhibitions Limited(website:

Autosport International, now in its 20th year, is the largest dedicated trade motorsport exhibition in Europe. The format of the show incorporates two trade, followed by two public days, uniquely catering for the industry and motorsport fans alike. This site caters specifically for the motorsport professionals. Our dedicated public visitor site will be available soon.

Autosport International covers all areas of motorsport, both professional as well as grass roots, from karting right up to Formula 1. This allows both visitors and exhibitors to meet motorsport professionals in a business-to-business environment, yet also market products directly to motorsport enthusiasts. During the first two trade days, the show incorporates Autosport Engineering, a specialist show dedicated to motorsport and high performance engineering.

To obtain information on the various areas of the show please use the menu bar at the top of the page.