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Do not forget to protect the engine maintenance “three-filter”

Experienced driver friends all know that cars on the “three-filter” in car use is very important, it is equivalent to the role of the masks that people often use is to block harmful substances into the car essential. Therefore, only ensure that they are clean, car will maintain physical health.

The so-called “three-filter” refers to the air filter, oil filter and fuel filter, and their role in the name suggests, is the filtration and purification into the car engine inside any gas and liquid, and thus play a protective effect on the engine, but also can improve engine efficiency.

Air Filter

Air Filter

Air Filter

The air suspension with a lot of dust, the main component is silicon dioxide, which is a harder material than metal. The installation of air filter can reduce the cylinder, piston and piston rings and other parts of the wear and tear. Cars, if not install it, will increase seven-fold cylinder wear, piston wear increased by 3-fold increase of 8 times the piston ring wear. Therefore, in the modern automobile engine equipped with a carburetor air filter. General clean once a travel 5,000 kilometers. Cleaning should remove the filter element gently pat face, using compressed air machine blowing from the inside out to remove the dust on the core, do not use gasoline or water washing, driving 25,000 kilometers air filter needs to be replaced.

Oil Filter
Internal combustion engine using the process, dust, metal wear and tear, carbon-ching and other mechanical impurities mixed with oil will continue in the same time, the emission of air and burning oil oxidation also make oil gradually produce gelatinous. Mechanical impurities mixed with the resin will form a sludge, which will not only speed up the movement part of the wear and tear, but could easily lead to blockage of asphalt. In order to ensure clean asphalt, engine lubrication system with oil filter. In addition, together with Chi Pu-resistant cleaning agents inside the engine can better guarantee the smooth flow of asphalt. Most of the current car is to install rotary-mounted oil filter, it is only a one-time filters can not be cleaned, it is best to replace the oil at the same time replace the oil filter, otherwise it will affect the oil quality, and general travel 5,000 km to replace one is appropriate.

Fuel Filter

Fuel Filter

Fuel Filter

As the cars in storage and transportation and the filling process will inevitably be mixed with a number of impurities and moisture, these impurities with the fuel into the fuel supply system and the engine cylinder, the cylinder will accelerate the wear and tear of petrol into the fuel pump must be pre – filtration to ensure the gas supply system work properly. At the same time with the Chi Pu-resistant fuel system cleaners results will be even better. Now that the petrol filter is also a one-time use, and its replacement cycle of about 10,000 kilometers in the most appropriate.

Do a good job “three filter” conservation work, for car maintenance and driving safety engine has a very important role, hope that the majority owners will not overlook this aspect.

Maintenance Auto Parts Auto Repair Plant has the following 10 notes

1, fear of “dirty”

Fuel filter, oil filter, air filter, hydraulic oil filters and all kinds of filters, if too dirty, filter effect will lead to deterioration, excessive impurities in the cylinder into the asphalt, the increased mechanical wear and tear, increasing the likelihood of failure; if severely blocked, but also result in vehicles could not work properly. Radiator heat sink, air-cooled engine cylinder block and cylinder head heat sinks, coolers, heat sinks and other parts too dirty, and will lead to bad cooling, the temperature is too high. Therefore, for such “Pazang” parts must be timely cleaning and maintenance.

2, fear of “hot”

Engine Piston temperature is too high, which occurs easily lead to overheating Shaorong hold cylinder; rubber seals, triangle belt, tires and so overheated, easy to premature aging, performance degradation, shorten life; starters, alternators, regulators and other electrical equipment coil overheating, easily destroyed by scrapping; vehicle bearings should maintain an appropriate temperature, such as overheating, oil will soon degenerate, eventually leading to bearing burned, vehicles damaged.

3, fear of “string”

Diesel fuel system in a variety of couplings, drive axle inside the main driven gear reducer, hydraulic control valve block and valve stem, full hydraulic steering gear of the spool and the valve cover and so on, these complexes even parts in After the time of manufacture of special processing, grinding made in pairs, with very sophisticated in the use of life is always in pairs during the use, must not be interchangeable. Number of interaction devices, such as piston and cylinder liner, bearing and journal, valve and valve seats, connecting rod cap and the bulk of tile shaft, etc. After a period of running-in effect, the relative with the good, the maintenance should also be Note that paired assembly, not to each other, “stopping by.”

4, fear of “anti-”

Engine cylinder pad during installation can not hold against, otherwise it will result in premature cylinder pad ablation damage; for some special shaped piston rings must not be mounted against, should be based on the requirements of different models for assembly; engine fan blades is also the direction of installation requirements, the fan normally takes two kinds of ventilation, and suction can not get counter, otherwise it will lead to undesirable heat engine, the temperature is too high; to have the direction of the tire tread, such as herringbone tread tires, installed the ground-prints should be made Herringbone sharp point to the rear to ensure the greatest driving force. And fitted for the two tires, different models have different requirements, can not be free to install.

5, fear of “missing”

In the maintenance of vehicles, some small pieces may be inadvertently leaking containers, and even some people think that does not matter installed or not installed, it is very dangerous and harmful. Engine air lock films, should be installed in pairs, such as the drain valve fitted or absence will result in loss of control and crashed out piston parts; engine connecting rod bolts, flywheel bolts, transmission shaft bolts installed on the cotter pin, locking screw, insurance, films or spring pads and other anti-loose device, once installed drain in use will likely lead to severe failures from occurring; engine timing gear chamber of the oil used to lubricate gears once the nozzle leaking containers, will lead to a serious oil spill area, so that the engine oil pressure is too low; tank cover, oil port cover, fuel tank cap is missing, make sand, dust and other intrusion, increased wear and tear parts departments.

6, fear of “oil”

Engine air filter dry filter paper, hygroscopicity strong, such as stained with oil, easy to make a higher concentration of inhaled gas mixture inside the cylinder, so that the amount of air enough to increase fuel consumption, engine power down, diesel may also give rise to “Speed”; if the triangle tape coated with oil, will accelerate the corrosion aging, while prone to slip, resulting in lower transmission efficiency; brake shoe, the friction plate dry clutch, brake bands, if the dip on oil and vulnerable to spin, the working poor, threatening road safety; starter motors and generators, carbon brushes, etc., piles of oil is a result of poor contact caused by lack of starter motor power, generator voltage is too low. Tire & Rubber corrosion of oil sensitive rubber in contact with oil will soften, or peeling, short-term exposure can lead to abnormal tire damage and even serious damage.

7, fear of “wash”

Some early beginner drivers or repair personnel, may be that all parts need cleaning, in fact, such understanding is one-sided. For the engine air filter paper, in the removal of dust on it when the cleaning can not be used in any oil, just lightly slap their hands or high-pressure air by-pass filter can be blown inside out; for the cortical components, Oil is not suitably clean, simply wipe with a clean cloth can be.

8, fear of “pressure”

Tire pressure if long-term storage and does not promptly turn over the heap, it will deform due to squeezing, affecting service life; air filter, fuel filter paper and filter, such as compression occurs, will have a greater deformation can not play a dependable filter effect; rubber oil seal, triangular tape, tubing, etc. can not be squeezed, or similarly deformed, affecting normal use.

9, afraid of “near fire”

Tires, triangle belt, cylinder water-blocking rings, rubber seals and other rubber products, if the source close to the fire will be easier to aging deterioration or damage, on the other hand may also cause fire accidents. In particular, some diesel vehicles, the winter cold is difficult to start, a number of drivers used torch heating, we must prevent the burn line, asphalt and so on.

10, fear of “duplicate”

Some parts of this should be a one-time use, individual pilot or mechanic in order to save or because they do not understand the “taboo” and re-use, this can easily lead to accidents. In general, the engine connecting rod bolts, nuts, bolts imported diesel fuel injector, cylinder water-blocking ring, seal copper pad, hydraulic system, various types of oil seals, seals as well as important parts of marketing films, split pin, etc. Part demolition, you must replace the new product; for engine cylinder pad, although no damage was found during maintenance, and preferably also replace the new products, because the old product flexibility is poor, bad seals, easy ablation damage, use of time needed to replace the time-consuming effort Therefore, in order to try to change if new is better.