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IPhone to start the car

Has over the iPhone can support multiple software to start the car, and now more compatible car brand has launched iPhone activation process of the software interface, as long as the phone into the car, open the software can start the car, and so car keys and one-button start function afraid to say goodbye.

Land Rover LRX Concept 1 






Since then, Chevrolet , BMW and so has introduced the corresponding software.

 IPhone to start Land Rover LRX Concept 

As early as 2007, the Land Rover LRX concept car designed specifically to connect iPhone to the slot, when its connection with the car, there is a dedicated automotive electronics software used to start the car. 


Now more compatible software in this appears to open the program interface is displayed after the first set a good variety of vehicles, if a family has more than two cars and a separate memory, start the software can be used. And the iPhone and the car connection, the software is also compatible with central locking, alarm, remote trunk and so on. Of course, need to pay to use the software.

 American called Dave and a more old mobile phone linked to the vehicle vibration chips, invented a similar function. Perhaps the near future, the mobile phone will replace the car keys, vehicle accessories and more remote, so driving more convenient.