Miluira electric car

Miluira electric car 1
Bet you thought the Smart Car was not passenger-friendly. Wait till you get a load of the Miluira. Takayanagi’s one-person electric car is a blast from the past, but with a drive from the future.

Miluira electric car 2

If you can get over the fact that you’ll never be able to drive anyone but yourself in the Miluira, then you might understand what’s so special about it — it’s electric and has slick retro looks. Really, the Miluira looks like something Henry Ford would design if he were alive today.

Miluira electric car 3

Despite its detailed stylings, the Miluira disappoints in being, you know, a car. It can only reach a top speed of about 37 mph and travel up to 21 miles before requiring a pit stop at an EV station. The Miluira can probably be classified as more of a souped-up go-kart than as a real car.

Miluira electric car 4

Lucky for you, the Miluira is not another concept car. It’ll be available in March 2011 for about Â¥6.3 million or roughly $76,000.

Miluira electric car 5

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