How To Remove The Rear View Mirror

Rearview MirrorQuestion: how to remove and replace the interior rear view mirror im getting an eyebrow done on my windshield , but the place thats doing it does not want to remove the mirror,  because they dont know what kind of electronics are involved with it and dont want to cause any damage any help would be great.  thanks.

Answer1:Removes like a normal mirror..
you can’t remove the rain sensor, if you do it won’t work anymore, but the mirror is no big deal..
unplug the connectors and there is a t-15 or t-20 torx screw that holds it to the glass mount..

Answer2:From the Service Manual it looks like the sensor can be removed, but there is a mounting bracket that is bonded to the windshield. The mounting bracket is not meant to be removed.

Answer3: Removing the bracket and resinstalling it will have ill-effects on the rain sensor. as I understand it, it will not work correctly or at all because there is a specific angle and “trim” that has to be met for the sensor to “see” the rain..
my tint shop just cut around the rain sensor and they did a very good job at it, it looks like part of the tint strip..
same way they cut around the third brake light in the rear window.

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