Things to consider when buying your first car

Modern society believes that cars are not luxury items but means of transportation. But if you are a teenager in high school, or a college student do you really think so? Or maybe your parents believe that you are old enough to become a responsible driver and should buy the car without major assistance. More likely you have not got any credit history yet, so the process of buying a first car turns into a night mare with lots of unpredictable obstacles.

The toughest question for most young people is how to get finance for the purchase. Trustworthy experts advise not to buy a car if you are not able to pay it off in 2 year. Remember that during all this time your expenses on the car will be higher than just the loan payment. You will also have to pay for gas, new batteries, oil and filters changes, and many other things. And the more expensive the car the more extra expenses it will take. So, are you still sure that you can afford that cool new car you have been dreaming about? Maybe you would better think about a used car for now? If you get a used Toyota Camry or Honda Accord from a reliable dealer it would likely run long without major repairs. But do not forget to get a Vehicle History Report on the Vehicle Identification Number. Besides it would not hurt if the mechanic that you trust examines the car. Those simple actions will help you to avoid unpleasant surprises when the deal is closed.

Planning the budget, remember about insurance rates that are often higher for teens. As it is illegal to drive without car insurance, it will become a noticeable part of your payments. The insurance rates beside your age also depend on the area you live in, local traffic situation and your annual mileage. In some case even car parts may affect your insurance. You may be required to use only OEM car parts which are often way more expensive than aftermarket parts.

As soon as you know what car you can afford, you have to decide your main budget source. Be ready to find out that it is not so easy to get a car loan with lack of credit history. Lenders will want to see that young customers have a stable monthly income and capable to pay bills in time. Thus, sometimes it is useful to establish your credit scores some month before buying the car.

Sometimes parents may come to the aid and become co-signers. Then, if you fail in the monthly payment, your parents will be responsible. But if both of you fail, your credit history will be hit as well as the credit score of your parent.

Got budget planned? Find a reliable place to make the deal. You can choose from a local dealership or a private seller, check numerous Internet stores and actions.

So now you are a happy owner of a car. But it is not time to relax. Remember that more teens die in car accidents than because of any other reasons. You do not want to contribute to this sad statistics, don’t you? As soon as you are on the driver’s seat you must understand that every your mistake can be fatal for you or somebody on the road. Nobody is protected! It may happen to everybody! The only thing you must do is to be very careful. There some simple well-known rules that may save your life. Do not think that you are the only person in the world that can resist physical law and avoid hitting the windshield in a case of a collision. Always use signals to let other drivers and pedestrians know about your plans. And never overestimate your driving skills! Even a single phone call or your tiredness may cause an accident.
Remember our simple hints. Buy car accessories to make your car stylish and enjoy safe driving.

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