Auto maintenance Who should I choose?

4S shop, auto service chain, the coexistence of the traditional roadside shops, have their own strength and the short,  Auto maintenance Who should I choose?

Consumption patterns are changing quietly

As the saying goes “one-third of repair, seven dependents,” the conservation of conventional motor vehicles can be seen for the car can have a healthy body is essential to gradually mature the owner of the car to their own care is becoming more and more rational . Have a driving experience over the past 20 years Mr. Zhang told reporters that the century 90s when the bus opened, basic vehicle maintenance in the traditional completion of the roadside shops, then no one to tell you what the maintenance time, and completely by virtue of their cars to explore and experience; in 2003 to buy their own private cars, the one-stop shop 4S standards of after-sales service will not only improve security, more nanny-style reminder service, when the maintenance, and the maintenance of the items, there are professional services; and began last year, a friend introduced to allow Mr. Zhang to experience rapid chain of automobile repair services fast fun Paul.  Mr Cheung said: “like my car has been passed through the warranty period , in the yellow hat, turtle Dr. automotive services, such as the driving force for the maintenance of very large chain, where routine maintenance than ordinary cost 4S shops are much cheaper, than the road products repair shop while reassuring, waiting is also a good environment, the most critical is greatly shortened the waiting time. ”

Maintenance of products is the key

Although from the time, the price of automotive service chain model to occupy a certain advantage, but the car is, after all, the bulk of consumer goods, and its parts also have specific characteristics of consumables, as a variety of automotive-oriented brand, car service, automotive service chain and how to solve this problem?

Driving force (China) Automobile chain services manager, told reporters in the Soviet Union, the driving force behind the use of all the various models of the original brand name accessories, such as routine maintenance of oil, air filter, brake oil, gearbox oil is from the unified brand automakers order, that is, the driving force in the automotive maintenance and replacement of 4S shops are the same products.  But the difference is that the current chain of auto body parts service price relative economic, and basic working hours are free of charge, so compared to the price of maintenance here 4S shop charges only 60% ~ 70%.

 And the driving force behind different, Zhengzhou Anji chose yellow hat is well-known brand of automobile supplies. Future generations of their manager Lee told reporters, yellow hat is derived from the Japanese automotive service chain organizations, products used in automobiles for Shell, Mobil, Castrol and other international brands, from the quality of products is completely reliable in terms of and owners in accordance with the different seasons and geographical selection. As for the routine maintenance of motor vehicles in the wearing parts, the yellow hat’s products are specific to different model specifications for the use of accessories, parts can be perfectly matched with the models.  But Lee said future generations, conventional maintenance and general automotive repair services can choose a chain model, in terms of price or time that the owner can reduce the burden, but the depth of the proposed maintenance of the vehicle owner or the choice of car 4S shop.

4S shop quickly to seize the market

 The reason why the rise of car when 4S shop soon in the traditional roadside shops to seize market share because of their professional after-sales service quality waiting environment is also an important factor in winning.  Colleges and universities in the work of a Miss Liu said: “Now people buy a car needs to enhance the quality of life, quality waiting environment is also part of life. Every time after a repair shop from the street and sees the ground, there is room to operate thick layer of oil, but also rarely have a dedicated waiting area. 4S car shops and auto service chain as a result of large-scale, so the aspect of human nature are in place have done, such as the waiting area is equipped with audio-visual system, Internet area such as entertainment, this is generally the owner of one of the reasons to choose. “

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