Auto Parts Supermarket

Supermarkets,  in today’s we are familiar. The auto parts supermarket for most people is still a relatively rare terms, however, from the 2003 Auto Parts supermarkets already budding. In recent years, Shanghai China, Daqing China also have a number of large-scale supermarkets set up auto parts. Since the auto parts supermarket surfaced after the traditional auto parts industry has a great impact, especially in the cheaper price and  assured quality. The emergence of auto parts supermarket customer would indeed be a good thing, in the selection and prices of goods have a lot of space.

It is understood that the supermarket in the operational aspects of auto parts and other daily necessities in the operation of supermarkets, and there is not much different. Commodity stocks often do not take up much of their own money, supermarkets, much more was occupied by the supplier of funds.

Financial crisis, the arrival of a group of industry giants and a large number of small and medium enterprises, after the financial crises of the parts business of foreign trade has been very seriously affected. A large number of industry that we should unite. The emergence of supermarkets may well be an auto parts auto parts small and medium enterprises “Bao Tuan” in a good way, perhaps this is after the financial crisis, following a new marketing model.

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