The French auto parts industry 09 years or loses 20,000 to 30,000 posts

On July 8, Some enterprise announce to reduce staff the plan total in France to surpass thousand people.
But teh expert estimated from now the auto parts industry will be sadder than the automotive.

  Because the financial crisis has had the huge impact on the automobile manufacture, matched the profession located at its upstream’s steam also to come under the serious influence. Only on 8th one day had 3 auto parts enterprise to announce the reducing staff plan, domestic will have over a thousand operating posts in France.The insurer Euler Hermes estimates that more than 400 suppliers could go out of business. At Renault, the production is running at 50% of capacity. Hermes recommends more presence in emerging markets and new alliances to cut costs, nothing of which is about to happen.

  The French car industry is going down with 20,000-30,000 job losses expected this year, more than 10% of the workforce in the car industry. The analyst pointed out that the auto parts company scale to be small, the turnover of capital is more difficult, the automobile manufacturer compression produces, reduce the stock to make the partial which has too many problems to tackle in the fund to match the enterprise to face “runs out of rice and firewood; Danger.

  The auto parts industry difficult position France to be in sole possession of by no means that the entire European area’s car will match industry the short-term outlook to be very gloomy. World famous enterprise Alix Paerna company pointed out at the beginning of July, if the global economic presents the big decline, the European area will possibly have near half steam to match the enterprise to lose reimburses ability, in several years the European car will match the profession to have the large-scale conformity next.

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