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Car DecorationAuto Club, a driver of the original members of his family used Xiali car is a hatchback, then in addition to outside the car wash, there is no vehicle to carry out what the idea of decoration.  Bought a new car - Fukang when decorate almost every day, decoration, waxing it, add a variety of additives, with a total want to spruce up some of their own vehicles, some easy to use.  His words at least a car conservation of the two points of concern: First, the grade of the vehicle, and the other is the use of the time . What is the price to do nothing, it was decided to carry out maintenance when the owners are willing to pay what the price;  what the upbringing of used cars, it was decided that the owners have no passion for conservation.  Accurately grasp the position, at different levels in phases to meet the individual needs of consumers in order to seize the market.