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Miluira electric car

Miluira electric car 1
Bet you thought the Smart Car was not passenger-friendly. Wait till you get a load of the Miluira. Takayanagi’s one-person electric car is a blast from the past, but with a drive from the future.

Miluira electric car 2

If you can get over the fact that you’ll never be able to drive anyone but yourself in the Miluira, then you might understand what’s so special about it — it’s electric and has slick retro looks. Really, the Miluira looks like something Henry Ford would design if he were alive today.

Miluira electric car 3

Despite its detailed stylings, the Miluira disappoints in being, you know, a car. It can only reach a top speed of about 37 mph and travel up to 21 miles before requiring a pit stop at an EV station. The Miluira can probably be classified as more of a souped-up go-kart than as a real car.

Miluira electric car 4

Lucky for you, the Miluira is not another concept car. It’ll be available in March 2011 for about Â¥6.3 million or roughly $76,000.

Miluira electric car 5

Nissan iV Electric Concept Sizzles at LA Auto Show

Nissan iV Electric Concept Sizzles at LA Auto Show










At the 2010 Los Angeles Auto Show Nissan unveiled its concept for an electrified stunner for 2035, the iV. Mother Nature herself couldn’t build a better electric car, or one with more sex appeal.

From the website for the LA Autoshow

Infused with Nissan’s heritage of sports and performance, Nissan iV is a high-performance EV inspired by nature’s intelligent beauty and crafted by human ingenuity. The iV is a super-lightweight sports tourer that showcases “organic synthetics,” a revolutionary manufacturing technique in which automotive parts are cultivated like agriculture in a 100% sustainable, carbon-neutral process.

The design imagines the car being hung from an organic frame made from spider silk and incorporating lightweight photovoltaics that weigh 99 percent less than glass. The car will will also harness regenerative braking to ensure maximum energy efficiency.

Nissan iV Electric Concept Sizzles at LA Auto Show 2

Nissan’s president Carlos Ghosn has publicly said that the company’s success depends on its ability to develop and deploy electric vehicles that excite the masses. The iV is part of Nissan’s zero emissions future.

The Renault/Nissan partnership with Better Place will result in more than 100,000 battery-swap enabled sedans on the road in Israel and Denmark, with cars and charging infrastructure slated for Toronto, Hawaii and the San Francisco Bay Area.

Nissan iV Electric Concept Sizzles at LA Auto Show 3

While orders for the Nissan LEAF may have sold out, and will not match or exceed the number of SUVs the company sells for years, cars like the iV can still spark more than a little wonder among EV enthusiasts.

These guys sure know how to dream.

Is the Chevy Volt an EV or a Hybrid? Who Cares?

To hear one critic tell it, General Motors got caught in an out-and-out lie when the company described labeled the Chevrolet Volt an extended-range electric vehicle. said in a headline that “GM Lied.” The Volt is really a hybrid-electric vehicle like the Toyota Prius, Edmunds said. Critics from Motor Trend and Popular Mechanics made a similar argument, though they stopped short of saying GM was dishonest

Auto Parts Suppliers for the time being not keep up with the rapid development of electric vehicles

electric vehicles

Magna International Inc. Chief Technology Officer Ted Robertson, said the rapid development of electric vehicles not only for the auto parts supplier and a potential risk, but also provide a huge return.

Electric vehicles will need a lot of new parts. Many current carburetor parts will repeat the mistake.

When the Magna Chairman FrankStronach told Robertson to design electric car, Robertson was his face on the complexity of surprised. He pointed out that electric cars have 13 new gasoline-powered car system was never used.

This includes control the high engine speed electric vehicles the special gear box, electric power steering and traction motor cooling fluid allow for recycling of electrical pumps, converters, battery and heater.

In an electric car at the informal meeting activities, Robertson told reporters an overview of a number of pure electric vehicles will disappear in the system. This includes fuel tanks and pipelines, as well as mechanical pumps. He said, “we will have with the electric pump and electric cooling system deal with.”

Still a lack of supplier

Find the parts, and other qualified electric vehicle parts supplier is not easy. This Just ask General Motors, you can know. GM’s Chevrolet Volt plug-in for the hybrid car has been battered to find suppliers, and the upcoming models on sale in November 2010.

GM Voltec project manager JohnFerris said: “The lack of major suppliers is comprehensive: the electrification of vehicles, power electronics, braking, drive and heating and cooling equipment, we are missing a major supplier.”

Ferris at the same meeting, told reporters, “We found that some suppliers had never been to the electrical goods for the automotive industry.”

Most auto parts suppliers are the traditional automotive parts and mechanical systems, drive shafts, belts and chains are the most common. If they want to Transferring electrical or electronic components, could face a high cost.

At the same time, in the automotive industry, new entrants, some consumer electronics manufacturers who have had parts, but they sometimes are not familiar with the automotive industry for large-volume, zero defect, crash testing and long-term warranty requirements.

Ferris Biao Shi, “In some cases, only a handful of (supply business) can Zhiliang, performance, technology and compliance (trade) volume of financial capability, Dadaoqiche product of Shengchannengli He Yaoqiu.”

Magna’s electric car plan

Magna is the largest auto parts supplier in North America (based on 2008 sales of original equipment parts), which is being jointly developed with Ford Motor Company a Focus-sized electric vehicles, Ford has been held in January over the Detroit Motor Show vehicles, and plans on sale in 2011. Magna is responsible for most vehicle power systems, including traction motors, transmission and vehicle controls.

In March at the Geneva Motor Show, Magna’s MagnaSteyr installed in their Mira (MilaEV) electric concept car debut. Mira electric vehicles (MilaEV) will not be a production vehicle, but the concept car for the Magna hopes to use some of the components found by the customer.

Volkswagen Golf blue-e-motion concept revealed

Volkswagen Golf blue-e-motion

Volkswagen has unveiled the Golf blue-e-motion concept car in a ceremonial presentation today for the German Chancellor Dr. Angela Merkel.

Volkswagen Golf blue-e-motion Concept front

The all-electric Golf blue-e-motion features an electric motor with 85 kW /115 PS under the bonnet powered by lithium-ion batteries. The electric motor provides an instant torque of 270 Nm (199 lb-ft), right from the go, while the batteries allow for a range of up to 150 km (93 mi). Top speed for the electric Golf is a respectable 140 km/h (87 mph).

Volkswagen Golf blue-e-motion Concept electric motor

VW will be manufacturing a fleet of 500 Golf blue e-motion models for testing next year. The Wolfsburg-based automaker plans on taking the car to production in 2013, after the debut of the VW Up blue-e-motion. Volkswagen is also planning on a Jetta blue-e-motion to be introduced that same year.

The German federal government has a goal of putting one million electric vehicles on the roads by 2020. VW hopes to be the main supplier of those cars.

But the automaker wants to make clear that its not only the car industry that is responsible for reducing emissions.

Volkswagen Golf blue-e-motion Concept dashboard

“Future electric cars give us enormous opportunities for reshaping mobility to be even more sustainable…[but] the federal government must ensure that eco-friendly energy sources are utilised. Only then will we experience a genuine transition to a new era,” said Dr. Martin Winterkorn, Chairman of VW, in the press release.