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How long for a new gas filter?

How long  to change a fuel filter??  Some people say that 1  to 2 thousand kilometers,  Some people say 7  to 8 thousand kilometers, in the end how the story??  Replacement, on what basis??  And now the injection system is pressurized by the electric petrol pump, petrol had once sent to the injector in the exhaust filter (positive pressure of about 2.5 ~ 3kg/cm2), so when the filter is also blocked by the high pressure gasoline in the past, it can use a relatively long life span, generally about 6 to 8 thousand kilometers. However a great premise is to use the original filter, community foreign brands are sometimes poor quality will affect the filtration effect, or even no effect, can not but be careful!  In fact, those are original data, is to ensure that absolutely no problem within a few miles, in fact, more than most can use for some time.  Of course it is good for breakfast, late-for-nor Chaitai Duo.