EDAG Light Car Sharing Concept

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EDAG Light Car Sharing concept
For the third year in a row, the crowds who will be attending the Geneva Auto Show will get a chance to experience what an open source car means. Created by EDAG, a worldwide provider of engineering services, this year’s model will be called Light Car Sharing Concept.

Compared to the previous versions of the model, the Sharing Concept has received a new body, as well as a more advanced drive train system. With them comes the first marketing solution for the car on whose creation everybody is expected to have a say.

The electric drive train of the vehicle, comprising a battery pack located in the sandwich floor, allows for a maximum range of 100 km and a top speed limited to 100 km/h. The body of the vehicle is made of fiber composites and plastic parts. The plastic can be used to display messages on the area near the car.

EDAG Light Car Sharing Concept 3

At the interior, the Light Car is as simple as it can be, featuring only the accelerator, brake, steering wheel and a lever to operate the indicators. The driver get info about speed, range and battery status via a display.

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The range and speed should be enough, in theory, for what the creators of the vehicles plan for it. The Sharing Concept, meant as a six seater, will become part of a yet to be developed car sharing system. Provided, of course, it will ever be producer.

EDAG Light Car Sharing Concept 5

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