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Labor Agreement Reached at Chicago’s McCormick Place

October 21, 2011 by Rachel Wimberly Six months after a union-backed lawsuit led a federal judge to strike down new work rules put into place in 2010 by the Illinois General Assembly that gave exhibitors more rights to do their own work at Chicago’s McCormick Place, the Metropolitan Pier & Exposition Authority, which oversees the facility, and the unions have come to a mutual agreement and the lawsuit will be dismissed.

Eminem earned Chrysler some buzz. Sales may be tougher get.

It can only be a good sign that Detroit carmakers have the cash on hand to advertise in pricey venues like the Super Bowl. But in Chrysler’s case, the money for its “Imported from Detroit” ad for the new 200 sedan may have been better spent elsewhere. The commercial starts with gritty images of bleak urban ruins, smoke stacks and downtown Detroit set against a lead-grey sky