Dubai International Motor Show Fairs

The 10th Dubai International Motor Show was officially opened December 16, as the Middle East’s largest auto show, many luxury brands have quite concerned about.

Golden yellow Rolls-Royce
Golden yellow Rolls-Royce

Dazzling golden yellow is the first choice for the local rich

The auto show or the most eye-catching variety of modified models and life abundant local billionaires who are not satisfied with luxury brands, but, more decorative and drive through improvements to show personality, show off the rich. One of the big exhibition hall dedicated to showcasing the world’s tuner works, many of whom are starting model, it is dazzling.


In addition, a large truck based on the converted luxury cars, but also with adequate space and adequate facilities, eye-catching. An abundance of luxury modified saloon cars, the original vehicle chassis space to an extreme, filling luxury and unique car culture. In recent years, modified luxury cars has gradually become the goal of successful people’s car, while the Dubai Motor Show is the international touring car development in the new trend to an extreme.

Mercedes - Benz Gold SLS AMG sports car officially unveiled at Dubai Motor Show
Mercedes – Benz Gold SLS AMG sports car officially unveiled at Dubai Motor Show

As a representative of the luxury brand, company, Mercedes – Benz on the Dubai auto show very seriously, to carry such a variety of high-performance E63 AMG sedan unveiled this booth. In order to cater to wealthy businessmen in the Middle East have a unique taste, Mercedes – Benz has also introduced a limited number of gold SLS AMG the world’s gull-wing luxury sports car, the car uses a special preparation of the golden-yellow silk effect paint, the car-in-one console is also large-scale application of carbon fiber materials.

the Dubai Motor Show Auto Show begin 16 Dec 2010, End Date: 20 Dec 2010

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